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22 Must-Have Woodworking Tools for Beginners

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It doesn’t matter in what field of work you plan to try yourself out, along with some skills there are some must-have tools you just can’t avoid. When it comes to woodworking, there are plenty of them. Since this website is about rustic tables, I’ve tried to narrow down the list as much as I could. Of course, another consideration I had in mind while writing this article is to show you a whole range of different choices you have, even when it comes to a simple task like cutting down a piece of wood.

The most important thing is – there are no rules. What works for you, someone else can find completely useless. So, make your first picks, get into some basic woodworking project and as you move forward you’ll learn from your own experience. I guess there is no better or even another way.

Basic Woodworking Tools

To make this article more readable, I’ve done my best to sort the things out. I had a problem with how to name different sections of the article, but I hope you’ll find your way to get the point. The problem is that the whole article contains basic tools, but some basic tools are more basic than the others. By that, I mean that you just can’t start any woodworking project without them, no matter how rustic or rough the final product should be.

Basic woodworking tools should include the saws, too. But, due to the whole variety of choices you have to choose from, I’ve decided to put them in a separate Woodworking saws section, at the end of the article. So, we are starting with speed squares, carpenters pencil, t-bevels, hammers, etc.

1. Swanson Tool Co SW1201K Value Pack of 2 Speed Squares

Swanson Tool Co SW1201K Value Pack of 2 Speed Squares

We’ll start with the speed square. It’s a basic tool you’ll probably find useful even if you don’t get deeper into rustic table crafting. There is no serious woodworker, carpenter, crafter, or DIYer who doesn’t need one. So this powerful pack can satisfy your appetite for all kinds of woodworking – from the floor, to the roof. Yeah. The pack of two-speed squares – 7-inch speed square and 12-inch big speed square – comes with the “Blue Book” that contains everything you should know about roof and stairway layout – the diagrams, tables, and formulas.

If you don’t feel so enthusiastic about your woodworking skills, we recommend you check Swanson Tool 7 inch speed square tool. It sure has all the features one beginner needs and even more than that.

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2. IRWIN Carpenter Pencil

IRWIN Carpenter Pencil

Now along with a square, you’ll need a carpenter’s pencil. Before making any cuts in the wood, you must make the marks, right? This 6-pack of tough pencils will do the job whether you need to make a fine line for detailed drawings or a coarse line on all kinds of rough surfaces (not just the wood, but including the wood, too). If you decide to purchase it, you’ll get a 6-pack of more than decent oval-shaped medium lead pencils that will work for absolutely anyone. Plus, the pack is “Made in the USA”.

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3. IRWIN Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

IRWIN Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

If you don’t plan to sharpen your pencil with the knife, like some of the woodworkers, we do not recommend it. You’ll need a carpenter’s pencil sharpener. For that reason, we’ve put on the list another IRWIN’s product. It’s 2.4 inches tall sharpener that completely fits the unique shape of carpenter’s pencils. Although it might seem unimportant to you, this pencil sharpener has a narrow sharpening angle which reduces lead breaking. Also, the blade is 20% stronger than most sharpeners on the market, and the sharpener uses 50% less pencil per sharpening cycle.

So, if all these facts don’t make you purchase it, I don’t know what will. Just go and buy it – it’s a reliable and affordable sharpener.

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4. Swanson Tool TS150 8-Inch Sliding T-Bevel

Swanson Tool TS150 8-Inch Sliding T-Bevel

Another tool that’s a must for every woodworker is a sliding t-bevel, and our choice is another product from Swanson Tool. It’s 8 inches long sliding t-bevel made of stainless steel. It doesn’t look fancy, but, hey, you’re supposed to make things out of wood, so it doesn’t need to be. We must note it has a nice compact design, with a molded lightweight handle, and that it fits in a pocket (if you don’t plan to use a craftsman’s belt). Also, the handle comes with a level vial in it; the lock is firm and allows multiple measurements. Another important thing is that it’s an affordable item. So if you’re looking forward to your first DIY project make sure to get one.

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5. Stalwart 75-HT3000 16 oz Natural Hardwood Claw Hammer

Stalwart 75-HT3000 16 oz Natural Hardwood Claw Hammer

One of the tools you can’t avoid when it comes to woodworking, but everyday life as well is the hammer. Although you probably own one, we’ve put our recommendations on the list anyway.

There is a whole bunch of items on the market to choose from, but since we’re talking about making rustic tables, our pick is the hammer that has a classic, traditional look. It comes from Stalwart and it’s built for general use, with durability and comfort in mind.

The hammer has a head made of steel and natural hardwood anti-vibration contoured handle. The rear of the head features a curved claw, a powerful tool for removing stubborn nails and tacks. Hammer as a whole weighs 16 ounces only, so if you’re looking to purchase one, look no further.

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6. TEKTON 30603 Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet

TEKTON 30603 Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet

Another type of hammer you’ll surely find very useful is a rubber hammer or rubber mallet. You’ll need it for both, assembling and disassembling, and don’t forget you’re going to have some tryouts and errors, at the beginning especially.

This rubber mallet does the job. Its head is made of rubber and the handle of fiberglass, with an anti-slip grip. It’s much more comfortable than rubber mallets with wooden handle. You’ll feel far less unpleasant vibration since it does a good job of absorbing the impact.

Lastly, it’s more than affordable and we highly recommend it.

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7. 4 Piece 4 Inch C-Clamp Set for Woodworking

4 Piece 4 Inch C-Clamp Set for Woodworking

For a firm hold on your future woodworking projects, you’ll surely need C-Clamp. This set brings you 4 pieces of 4 inch C-clamps, made of heavy-duty cast iron. They are sturdy built, which prevents warping and bending, with the coated surface to prevent corrosion and other damages.

4-inch C-clamp is more than enough for a beginner. On the other side, it’s such an underestimated item – anyone who tried to cut a piece of wood keeping it in place using hands only knows what I’m talking about.

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8. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

This ½ inches drill machine will make you look like a professional. In fact, professionals use it, too. It’s cordless, compact, and lightweight with an ergonomic handle. Also, it’s keyless, which is very important, if you tend to forget where you’ve put your keys or other stuff. Another nice feature is a powerful LED light that you’ll find extremely useful if you work in dark places. My workshop is placed in an old attic, and without a LED light, I wouldn’t be able to work at all.

But don’t let its fancy look fool you. It has a high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out and works at two speeds – 0 450 and 1,500 rpm. The initial voltage of the battery is 20 volts – the whole package comes with two of them and the charger, which is standard for cordless drill machines.

Overall, it’s a great product worth the money and I highly recommend it.

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9. Rocaris 23-Pack Woodworking Chamfer Drilling Tool

Rocaris 23-Pack Woodworking Chamfer Drilling Tool

Now when you have a drill machine, you’ll need the bits, too. This package has everything you need to start your first woodworking project – 8 x wood plug cutter drills, 6×1/4” hex countersink drill bits, 7×3/8” round shank countersink drill bit with L wrench, and one automatic center punch. All the bits are made of high-quality stainless steel. All you need to do is to find a decent plastic box where you’re going to keep them.

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10. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp (BDEG400)

An angle grinder is another tool that you’ll find very useful for woodworking projects. Besides cutting and grinding, with the coarse sanding disk, it can also be used for sanding. This one offers three different positions of side handle, to ensure comfort when you use it with various angles and materials.

It works great, especially with wood. The most important thing is that it won’t get hot even if you use it for extended periods.

Tip: Use gloves and glasses and prepare yourself for a large amount of sawdust.

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Woodworking Finishing Tools

Now, when you’re done with marking, cutting, drilling, and other rough tasks, it’s time to smooth things out a bit and assemble the pieces. So, were going to talk about planers, sanders, and glue.

11. WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

When it comes to woodworking finishing touches, one thing is for sure – you’ll need a woodworking planer to chamfer the edges. Our choice and Amazon’s choice for a planer comes from WEN. It’s lightweight – it weighs hardly 6 pounds – comes with a dust bag, kickstand a parallel fence bracket, and two years of warranty.

Besides that, it’s able to make 34,000 cuts per minute and I must admit it is a reliable and powerful product as WEN advertises it. I highly recommend it.

For detailed information on this hand, planer click the button below.

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12. DSHE Mini Hand Planer Small Trimming Planer

DSHE Mini Hand Planer Small Trimming Planer

If you’re unsure about your woodworking skills, a good starting point would be a small plane, like this one from DSHE. Also, a basic tool like this will provide you an authentic experience of woodworkers. It’s a classic tool that works the same way as in the good old days when rustic furniture wasn’t just the question of aesthetics, but a natural and the only way of crafting things.

Its body is made of carbon steel, and the plane itself is made of manganese steel. It’s rust-proof, durable, and sturdy.

In the end, it does the job, and it’s worth every penny.

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13. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

This compact-sized sander with detailed finger attachment and a dust collector seems like an ideal choice for a small woodworking works. It features three grip positions and whichever you choose this sander will comfortably fit in your hand, without the need to worry about slippage.

It’s a great addition to any DIY woodworking toolset. All you need to think about is to empty the dust collector from time to time since it helps it to work better.

I highly recommend it.

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14. Sanding Pads for Black and Decker Mouse Sanders by LotFancy

Sanding Pads for Black and Decker Mouse Sanders by LotFancy

To use your BLACK+DECKER sander, you’ll need sanding paper. This pack of 50 pieces of sanding pads in a whole variety of sizes will fit both – your sander and all your needs.

Pads are made of aluminum oxide providing you high performance in speed and getting a surface completely clean. This is especially the case when it comes to wood. As we said, the pack contains a whole variety of sanding pad sizes for both – rough and fine wood finishing. Sizes are printed on the back of the pads.

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15. Elmer's E7310 Carpenter's Wood Glue Max, Interior/Exterior

Elmer's E7310 Carpenter's Wood Glue Max, Interior/Exterior

Now, to connect all the parts together, you’ll need some wood glue, too. Our choice is Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue that works for both – interior and exterior. It’s heat, mildew, and mold-resistant, and extra strong. Another important thing that I need to emphasize is that is non-toxic, leaves no harmful or even unpleasant smells, and it’s easy to clean up with water.

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Woodworking Saws

When it comes to saws, you have plenty of options to choose from, so I’ve decided to include one item for each of them. That means I’ll list, in my opinion, the best circular, jig, hand, pull and dovetail saws. You can own them all, but as a beginner, you can also opt-out for one that best suits your needs and skills. So, let’s start with the best woodworking saws of all kinds.

16. Official ROTORAZER Compact Circular Saw Set

Official ROTORAZER Compact Circular Saw Set

Although I have a plan to write a complete article dedicated to the best circular saws for DIY woodworking projects, this list must include at least one of them. Even if you don’t get really into woodworking you’ll still need a tool like this. Actually, in my opinion, every household needs it – you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get married if you’re not already.

It’s a circular saw set that comes from Rotorazer. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use on various kinds of projects – from fixing wooden floors to birdhouses – the only limit is your imagination. Also, it cuts through a whole range of various materials – from PVC, plastic, and hardwood to metal and steel.

It comes with three different quick-change blades and adjustable cutting depth. Also, it features a protective safety guard which makes it very suitable for beginners especially. In the end, it’s advertised as a 6-in-1 saw – jig, miter, hand, band, circular and tile saw. To check all the other features this set has to offer, click on the link below.

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17. BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)

Jigsaw is one of those tools you’ll find very useful in everyday tasks. I got one, used, as a gift from my father in law, who owns several of them. All I will say is that it can save you a lot of time, strength, and nerves. The jigsaw I got is manufactured by Bosch, but this time, I would recommend this Black+Decker jigsaw, which will do the job for advanced users as well, not to mention beginners.

It accepts both, U-shank and T-shank blades, and you don’t need any key or tool to change them. Also, it comes with an adjustable saw’s orbit with 4 customized settings and it’s suitable for making 45 degrees bevel cuts. When it comes to cutting speed, it cuts up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power. Improved wire guard and adjustable shoe for stability. It cuts smoothly and without any problems.

In the end, we must mention it’s pretty affordable, so, don’t hesitate – go and purchase it.

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18. WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

A handsaw is maybe the most appropriate type of saw for beginners. This one comes from WilFiks, it has 16 inches long blade and some other important professional features. To name just a few of them I’ll say that blade is made of high-durable carbon-steel with three cutting surfaces which guarantees 50% faster cutting than traditional handsaws. Also, when it comes to safety, it has an advanced ergonomic anti-slip grip which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

So, to sum it up, it’s extra-durable, extra-safe, and extra-fast, and yet, it’s pretty affordable. I highly recommend it.

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19. SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw

SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw

When it comes to safety Japanese traditional pull saws are much more suitable for beginners. They are lighter and require less strength, and the final result is smoother or more accurate. This pull saw comes from Suizan, a Japanese manufacturer with 100 years of history in making traditional hand tools. Its official title is Japanese Ryoba Saw. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and has a double edge – one for the cross-cut and one for the rip-cut (more about this difference in the article about Japanese saws).

The handle is wrapped with traditional Japanese rattan cane making this tool look even more powerful.

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20. Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

When it comes to American traditional backsaw our choice is Spear & Jackson. This type of hand saw is often called dovetail saw or tenon saw but, basically, it’s the same. Spear & Jackson tenon saw has a nice classic look, with a powerful and comfortable wooden handle and high carbon steel blade. The blade itself comes with precision ground teeth and cuts along and across the grain. The results are fine – smooth and precise.

We highly recommend it – Spear & Jackson have a 200 years long history of making traditional American hand saws, so there is no reason to doubt the quality.

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21. Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw with Ergo Handle, 24-Inch

Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw with Ergo Handle, 24-Inch

To round out the story about all kinds of saws, we must list at least one bow saw which is often called a European-style handsaw. There is a whole bunch of people which prefer the bow-saw over the rest of the types of hand saws. I belong to that group, too.

Our choice is 24 – inch Bahco bow saw. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle with a knuckle protector and a lightweight but heavy-duty frame. The frame itself is made of high-quality stainless steel coated with enameled paint to keep it safe from rust. It’s great for making smooth and straight cuts especially for live and greenwood, but it’s efficient when it comes to cutting dry wood, too.

There is one thing to note, though – it’s more suitable for cuts that don’t require too much accuracy.

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22. Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Now that I’ve listed all the saws, there is only one thing left – some additional accessories. I want to keep it on just one item that you’ll find very handy. From additional circular saw accessories, you’ll need a circular saw guide. That’s for sure. I want to recommend you a circular saw guide manufactured by Kreg that can make rip cuts and crosscuts up to 24” wide.

It’s precise and allows you to cut multiple pieces of the same size. When it comes to precision, another very handy feature is the oversize edge guide for even more precision while making cuts.
So, that would be it. Keep in mind that I’ve listed basic woodworking tools only and that I’ll keep this list updated as I’m moving forward. Also, I’ll write detailed articles on most of the tools mentioned in this article, so, subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated. Cheers!

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22 Must-Have Woodworking Tools for Beginners

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