About Us

Behind the name of Rustic Tables stands the small team, actually married couple, Tania – my wife, and Sam – that’s me.

Tania and Sam - Rustic Tables team
Photo by: Tania

I must admit that I wouldn’t develop a passion for rustic furniture, in fact, everything rustic, if I haven’t met her.

Before we got to know each other, my whole day was dedicated to sitting in front of the computer, working remotely for other companies, or on my side projects. I wasn’t aware of all the pleasures that one sunny afternoon in nature can provide.

But, as it often happens in life, she is the absolute opposite of me – at least when it comes to spending time in nature. That’s something to be expected since she grew up in the countryside. That’s how I discovered life in the countryside. And that’s exactly how this website came to life.

Her dad, my father in law, is really handy when it comes to crafting. He made so many classic-country “things” that I’m not even able to list them all. You’ve noted quotation marks around the word “things”, right? Well, that’s because he’s able to make everything he sees with his own hands. Look at the images below.

He made that warm country house all alone, using his hands and tools. He did that without tutorials, courses, or any additional help from anyone. He used solely his imagination. However, he didn’t make just the house, but the table and benches in front of it, stepstools, shelves, chairs, different kinds of benches, wooden heart-shaped flower pots, etc.

Being surrounded by things like that makes you start loving them. And that’s how I fell in love with everything rustic.

Among all other things, I saw a stunning rustic table. It really looked simple; like something I could make, too. And that’s how I made my first rustic table.

Since my hands are still not able to reproduce everything I see, I’ve ordered a few books with step-by-step guided rustic projects. And I’m going to post every one of them here, one by one, as I finish them.

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